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Why Is Chanukah?

For children of any faith, here is the Old Testament tale of the Maccabees that explains the Jewish holiday of Chanukah, told in rollicking verse with charming illustrations. The brightly colored candles seem to light up as the pages are turned. A back-of-the-book bonus lists pronunciations and answers to typical questions from adults as well as children.

This is a read-aloud book that's fun for everyone, but best enjoyed by children ages 3 to 8.

Here is a taste:

There was barely enough for one lamp for one day
And the place to get oil was so far away—
It was too far to walk to and too long returning.
Oh, my! Just one day with one little lamp burning.

Too bad; way back then there was no nearby store.
“I’ll go get some!” yelled a runner as he dashed out the door.

They all watched the flame sadly as it flickered away.
But—it kept right on shining, day after day!
Till, in only eight days,the runner got back
with plenty of oil in the jars in his sack.

They danced and they sang and gave thanks they could pray.
To remember their story, I'll tell you the way: