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The (almost) Painless Divorce: What Your Lawyer Won’t Tell You

Here is what you’ll find in this book:

ALL ABOUT LAWYERS: Everything you were afraid to ask
Mr. Hoyle, Where Are You When I Need You?
How to choose a divorce lawyer
How to hire the lawyer you choose
How to help your lawyer help you
How to protect yourself
Sample contracts you can copy

GET IT TOGETHER: How to get organized for divorce
Elephants Don’t Get It in Writing
What to get in writing - how to do it
What's your geographical state?
What's your emotional state?
What happens in court
What to wear, how to act in court

Birds, Bees, and Educated Fleas
Ground Rules
Doing the right thing

DO IT YOURSELF? How to represent yourself (pro se)
Speak for Yourself, John
Should you represent yourself?
Stories from do-it-yourself divorces
What's involved in arbitration
Choosing pro se or arbitration

WHAT'S PAINLESS: Divorce mediation
The (almost) Painless Divorce
Origin, general precepts, methods of mediation
Step-by-step working on particulars
Are mediated divorces legally binding?
Stories from mediated divorces

AVOID DISASTER: Yes, you can
A Flying Leap - True divorce stories (focus on lawyers):
The Quality of Mercy, Slightly Strain’d - More: (judges, jobs, relatives, fighting back):
Heading ‘Em Off at the Impasse - How to avoid problems:
Divorce tips from experts
Divorce tips from ex-victims

BOOKS, NAMES AND NUMBERS: Where to get help
The Everything Guide
General books on divorce; books for women, books for men
Legal guides; pro se manuals; state legal guides
Arbitration and mediation services, U.S.A. and Canada
Pro se and low cost legal aid programs and materials
National organizations and support groups
YOU CAN LOOK IT UP: Comprehensive index