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I love to write. I really do. So why is it so hard to get myself to sit down and do it? For one excuse, I know that once I am actually facing the computer screen, time will slip by and the next thing, ten hours will have passed. No laundry done, no dishes washed, no plants watered—you get the picture. But if I were to do all that first, when would I write?

And then, there are all those enticing webinars and web packages on writing, all those how-to-make-money-writing web offers (and how easy it is to make money writing!) for which, of course, there are fees up to nearly $200. Each. Even if I had that kind of money and time, why would I spend it learning to do what I can do for nothing? Except, of course, I'm not doing it; I'm too busy checking out those offers and clearing my inbox.

There is the story that Sinclair Lewis, beginning a college lecture to a bunch of eager student writers, looked out and asked: "How many of you are really serious about being writers?" Every hand waved wildly. "Well, why the hell aren't you all home writing?" And he walked out. To go home and write, one would presume.

Let's all do just that.
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