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Why am I writing this blog entry at one o'clock on a soggy Seattle morning? One reason is that writers' hours aren't bankers' hours. You have to type when the computer's hot. Or when you can steal a few minutes away from what really MUST be done to do what you really want to do.

So I am not peeling and slicing apples for apple pies, although the Boskoops are sulking in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator, asking themselves why I was in such a hurry to buy them if I was just going to let them sit there. I was in a hurry because they are available for only a short time and only at farmers markets and I missed my chance last year. But there's no time to bake. I've been busy trying to prepare my finished novel for the eyes of agents and publishers.

That means query letters. You've heard about those? A limp query letter, and even if your novel is as muscled as Rocky, it won't get a second glance. Make that a first glance. Anyway, that's the advice you get. And make sure those first fifty pages, or ten pages, or whatever they require, are perfect—as the entire manuscript should be by now.

So apple pies and Thanksgiving goodies to be frozen ahead will have to wait, because these queries must be in the mail before November 1. Yes, I'm a sucker for punishment. Talk about Rocky. I'll be jogging up those steep NaNoWriMo steps along with all of you. And what will I be writing about?

I haven't the least idea.
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