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November 28, 2015

Tags: writing, winnerscircle

Are you still writing? You mop the sweat from your brow. You check the calendar. Yep! Three more days to make it to the winners' circle. You're typing furiously, willing your characters to do something, say something, anything.

Mine did, and guess what? They wanted to make it a happily-ever-after tale and it just got too pleasant for everyone. Boring. So I turned it all on its head, (more…)


October 29, 2015

Tags: NaNoWriMo, rootcanal, TSA, writing, novel, AtMissTenny's

If it seems I've been neglecting this blog, I have a very good reason. (Writers always have a very good reason not to write.) I have been busy organizing my life so I can begin NaNoWriMo with an unburdened conscience. It does seem, though, that every time I try to get organized (more…)

Selected Works

Practical suggestions to help the reader avoid the pitfalls of a divorce lawsuit.
A lighthearted but thorough explanation of the holiday in a picture book for young children.