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November 3, 2016

Tags: Cubs, NaNoWriMo

It really is too much in one week, let alone one month. In the middle of a very upsetting and weird election that will culminate on November 8, we have a nail-biting World Series, and to top it all off, the National Novel Writing Month (better known as NaNoWriMo) for which to tap out 50,000 words by November 30. And two important family birthdays for me, besides.

So when is there time to write? Hint: (more…)


November 17, 2015

Tags: NaNoWriMo, novelwritingmonth

This will be, as my mom used to say, short and sweet and hard to beat.

I am deep into NaNoWriMo now, and trying my best to finish before Thanksgiving. It would be easier if (more…)


October 29, 2015

Tags: NaNoWriMo, rootcanal, TSA, writing, novel, AtMissTenny's

If it seems I've been neglecting this blog, I have a very good reason. (Writers always have a very good reason not to write.) I have been busy organizing my life so I can begin NaNoWriMo with an unburdened conscience. It does seem, though, that every time I try to get organized (more…)

Jenny's Journal

September 26, 2015

Tags: NaNoWriMo, rulesforblogging, rulesfornovels, StephenKing, onwriting

Hi again and welcome to my second foray into blogging. I've been told that a blog should be a journal of your activities. Or that a blog should have only one slant to it (if you're a food writer, it should always be about food; if you're a new mom, it should always be about babies—wait, that can't be right). To my way of thinking, there are no hard and fast rules for blogging. Just as there are no rules for novels.

Oh, you thought there were? That what the professor set forth in class or what you read in any particular book were rules to follow? A famous writer who knew something about the subject said: (more…)

Jenny's Journal

September 10, 2015

Tags: startwriting, takingmyownadvice, writinganovel, NaNoWriMo

Hi! Thanks for taking time to check out my blog.

Throughout my life, I have done a ton of writing and editing, but I am on the bottom rung for blogging. How to go about it? I decided to just start writing and figure it out as I went along. I'm taking my own advice, as it appeared in a Writer's Digest article about National Novel Writing Month. The question was, How do you write a 50,000-word novel in one month? The answer is below, abridged and edited so that your eyes don't glaze over. (more…)

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