Jenny Garden



June 28, 2016

Tags: queryguidelines/literaryagencies

Did you know that it takes almost as much creativity to craft a great query letter as to write a book? And there are tricks that I'd never heard of until I found former agent Mark Malatesta's website, Unlike many other such websites that post teasers and then charge for their information and/or advice, his is solid and free, and you can even ask questions that he will answer. He does offer coaching for a fee, but that's it.

I'd been sending out queries with no luck. Following his queryguidelines, I dove in headfirst to query a top agent and guess what? I got a two-day response and a request for my first ten pages. How is that for a recommendation?

Selected Works

Practical suggestions to help the reader avoid the pitfalls of a divorce lawsuit.
A lighthearted but thorough explanation of the holiday in a picture book for young children.